Mission Ocean… Urgent!!!

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Our oceans are like the blood of the earth, if they become too contaminated, virus spread into the organs and the body closes down. Our oceans are suffocating slowly!

Without our oceans in working order everything simply will cease to exist! 

Lets save our seas before they collapse !!!

“The resources and freedoms of the high seas are being exploited at the expense of us all – and especially at the expense of the poorest in society. I believe strong ocean governance is critical for a more equitable and just world.” We must act to save them now before it’s too late to go back!

Please join Mission Ocean and sign our petition to protect the high seas and restore ocean health.

“…Without the enforcement of strong laws to protect a living ocean, a minority will continue to abuse the freedom of the high seas”

If  we don’t act to save our oceans then there will be no reason to save anything, they are the life line for our whole planet and their suffocating right before our eyes!

For more information and to sign the petition please go to https://www.change.org/p/ban-ki-moon-help-secure-a-living-ocean-food-and-prosperity-propose-a-new-agreement-for-high-seas-protection-in-september-2014

Sign today before it’s too late ….!

British corporate involvement in US drone assassinations

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This is about right from BT, this company are very very unethical !!!

They rip off their customers whenever they can. They prey on elderly people and don’t explain their products. I remember that my mum was told a 100 gig download limit was ok for her, when she went over they changed her £ 25-40 a month, she asked if it could be made cheaper and they told her she could not change (as she did not understand how download limits work). I called and asked unlimited and she saved £50 a month.

So to hear they are involved in this sort of crime does not surprise me in the slightest. They have the monopoly in the UK, this needs to be stopped. We have not other option in the UK for your phone line connection, then they charge through the roof for it, IT WRONG!

BT must be challenged for this and hopefully justice will be brought to them!

Originally posted on Dear Kitty. Some blog:

This video from Britain is called Cable collaborator BT accused of aiding US drone strikes.

By Paddy McGuffin in Britain:

Reprieve: Reopen BT ‘drone strikes’ probe

Friday 29th August 2014

THE British government is being asked to reopen an investigation into telecoms firm BT after new evidence appeared to link the company to illegal US drone strikes.

Legal charity Reprieve, which assists the civilian victims of drone strikes, has submitted a formal complaint to the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) on the matter.

The charity says there is evidence that a cable laid by BT for the US military between RAF Croughton — a US base near Brackley in Northamptonshire — and Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti was tailored for use in the launching of drone strikes in Yemen and Somalia.

Reprieve argues that since the strikes are taking place in countries with which…

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The Fincher’s Self-sufficient and Debt-free … an amazing example to us all!

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This video from Next World TV is an example to us all. The Fincher’s have created their own farm from scratch, in turn they have achieved self-sufficiency. I often rant on about becoming self-sufficient myself, seeing videos like this proves it is possible for the average Joe. Admittedly the Fincher’s had the advantage of starting up when land was cheap, but they are still an inspiration to me and hopefully you too! 

Even with a small space like a backyard you can become self-sufficient. With a small greenhouse and a few pots you can supply your family with most of your daily vegetables. This video shows with a little bit of trial and error, determination and inspiration self-sufficiency is possible. 


World Elephant Day 2014… !

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When I heard it was world Elephant day I thought I had to do something to mark it!

Elephant are my favourite animal, I have been fortunate enough to see both the African and Indian Elephants free and in their own habitat . They are an incredible and majestic animal, looking in their eye you feel the knowledge and understanding they have.

We can learn a lot from their behaviour and community orientated living. It so important we don’t destroy them and in turn the whole ecosystem!

There are many organisations out there trying to protect and saving the Elephants one I support is ‘Space For Giants‘ (there are many more).

So here is my contribution to all those wondering Elephants out there:

World Elephant day (c) mjh333

World Elephant day (c) mjh333

Please take a moment to search and read a little about these majestic animals today! With a little understanding and coming together we can help Elephants to live side by side with humans! 


R.I.P Robin Williams…

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The sad news hit us today of the death of Robin Williams!

He was the comedy of my childhood, from Saturday night live to Mork and Mindy to Good Morning Vietnam to Mrs Doubtfire.

He shaped a generations humour and will be sadly missed. I hope he’s now in a better place!

Quote of the day

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A great quote says it all …

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Listening to the rainforest

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This is a brilliant scheme and I fully support it !!!

Not only does it protect and potentially save the rainforest, but it provides the tranquil sounds of the rainforest to you phone. This must be supported and could prove to be available tool in saving our worlds forest! Please check out the website Rainforest connection!

The potential to expand this scheme is also great, using it to highlight the point showing exactly how much illegal logging it going on. Let really hope it takes off and gets the funding it needs.

Originally posted on Make Wealth History:

A few months ago I wrote about how satellite data is being used to keep an eye on the world’s forests, and identify illegal logging. Global Forest Watch is a great project, but it can only display the results of logging once it’s too late. The trees have already been cut down. Rainforest Connection is a new project that goes one better.

The project takes old smartphones and re-purposes them, weather-proofing them and fitting them out with solar panels. They are then hidden in tree tops in the forest, programmed to listen out for the sound of chainsaws. If they hear the distinctive sound of tree-felling in progress, they send an alert. Rangers can immediately respond.

rainforest connection

When the project was piloted in Indonesia, rangers were able to get to an illegal logging site fast enough to catch the poachers in the act. Further demonstration projects are planned, one in…

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