Chimpanzee sketch…

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This is a sketch I did of a Chimpanzee, experimenting with biro. I’m quite fascinated by their intelligence. I think a lot can be learnt from their community style of living, something we appear to have lost which is pinnacle to good society!

Chimpanzee sketch - mjh333

Chimpanzee sketch – mjh333

LEGO: Everything is NOT awesome by Greenpeace


As it was recently announced Lego are selling out, and allowing their product to be branded with the name of Shell There has been a big campaign about this urging Lego to end this alliance with Shell and show support for the Arctic instead!

This alliance does not send a good message. Lego is a big part of kids life’s and can be very influential. If they grow up accepting Shell and associating it with play and happy memories, well it can never be a good thing! I remember playing with Lego space set, I loved it and as many kids wanted to build spaceships and travel into space. Imagine kids playing with oil rigs and petrol stations and dreaming of drilling oil in the Arctic, it scares me to think of it.

For Shell this is a massive boost to their PR and boosts their name and could even inspire kids to want to work with Shell when they grow up! Lego must stop this branding and the only way to stop them is to bombard then and hammer at their door until they stop!

Found this great video by Greenpeace, please share it !

“Imagine you’re eight years old and picture the Arctic… It’s just an endless sparkling expanse of sea and ice, populated by brave scientific explorers, magical animals and Indigenous Peoples who have called the far north home for millennia. An enchanted place to explore, create stories and let your imagination run free.

At least that’s what LEGO is telling kids. Its new Arctic play set has brought the magical polar north into kids’ bedrooms around the globe. And by doing that it’s helping to educate children and create a generation of Arctic supporters who will be inspired to protect it… But sadly LEGO is only telling kids half the story. What it’s not telling them is how it’s also helping Shell to threaten this beautiful and fragile place…

Shell wants to take advantage of the melting ice to drill for more of the fuels that caused the melting in the first place. But scientists say an oil spill there would be impossible to clean up, devastating the Arctic’s unique wildlife. It’s faced fierce criticism for its plans from environmental NGOs and regulators, and reputation-wrecking media coverage.

Shell knows it needs to fix its bad reputation to keep its Arctic scheme alive. And a deal with LEGO, the world’s favourite toy company, is a PR dream come true.” Greenpeace. More information on their campaign here

You can sign the petition here !!!

#Technology: #BMW #3D prints new thumbs for factory workers

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I wasn’t going to reblog this as I thought it’s not really about sustainability or equality!

But then as Occupational Therapist … Wow amazing the possibilities are endless. This 3d printing is mind boggling. The ability to strengthen limb in this way could benefit so many life’s of people who suffer from weekend limbs from conditions such as Parkinson’s, or even the elderly who have had falls and damages limbs. Making it an equality issue, as it would help people to be able to function in a more normal environment, limiting the need for aids and in turn boosting their confidence.

As you can see I am a touch over excited about this, but wowzers! Ahh the possibilities, incredible !

Originally posted on Take A Stand:

German car manufacturer put new technology in place to reduce strain on manufacturing-line workers’ hands

BMW has turned to 3D printing to augment its workers and stop strain on limbs frequently found on manufacturing lines.BMW has turned to 3D printing to augment its workers and stop strain on limbs frequently found on manufacturing lines. Photograph: BMW

German car manufacturer BMW has turned to 3D printing to physically augment its car-plant workers, giving them stronger, augmented thumbs.

The 3D-printed apparel acts like support brackets for the workers’ thumbs, reducing strain and helping them to fit certain parts into the cars more easily.

Each “thumb” is created as a custom orthotic device using a portable 3D camera, which captures the unique size and shape of each line-worker’s thumb.

Lasers, plastic, scanners and thumbs

The scan is then used to build up a thumb guard made of a semi-flexible thermoplastic polyurethane plastic – a hybrid material mixture of hard plastic and soft silicone – which is create by a 3D-printing technique called…

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Resources for new foragers

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I always loved the idea of foraging and have occasionally munched on the odd leaf in my allotment. My problem is the confidence to know what it what. I definitely need more education on this, a new mission for me there I think! The lack of confidence stems from a guy I knew one who was a forager, he ended up in a coma from eating the wrong weed, he came out of it ok though!

Some of the site links on this blog look good to get started, for all us beginners. Seems fitting as I am in the process of clearing my allotment from a dandelion infestation, now I can view it as a salad infestation.

Get out there and find some weeds, NICE!

Originally posted on Milkwood: homesteading skills for city & country:

adam + annie from Eat That Weed

There may be no greater kick you can get than that twinge of excitement when you come across food ripe for the foraging.

Whether it’s a loaded lemon tree hanging over your neighbour’s fence, weeds run rampant in a spare paddock nearby, a forest filled with pine mushrooms or a blackberry bush by the side of a quiet road, there’s a lot of joy in stumbling across food freebies. 

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End of the world as we know it…

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Heres another images I found in the depths. Not quite sure what the influence was but was another of my earlier sketches.


End of the world as we know it... (mjh333)

End of the world as we know it… (mjh333)

End of the world as we know it... (In colour) - (mjh333)

End of the world as we know it… (In colour) – (mjh333)

The farm that comes as flatpack furniture

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What an idea, love it! This would definitely encourage more amateur gardeners and works well with lack of space in modern cities. Lets hope it takes off and is not to expensive.

Originally posted on Take A Stand:

The Farmbox is 9.3m longThe Farmbox is 9.3m long

“Having your own eggs and knowing where the food comes from is really important, especially in cities,” says Bob Segers, project designer at Studio Segers in Belgium. So he has produced the Daily Needs farmbox, a modular kit that neatly incorporates a chicken coop and vegetable planter into a linear design slim enough to fit the narrowest of plots.

The pine box is composed of interchangeable compartments, so a farmer can purchase three vegetable boxes to latch together, or a string of coops, for instance. Next year, Studio Segers will be selling flat-pack versions across Europe. Future iterations will include a composting bin, a greenhouse, a rainwater collection point and a rabbit hutch. Hen-rearing instructions not included.

The farm that comes as flatpack furniture

Wired UK

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Who do you belive, facts or greedy Frackers?

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With concerns about UK water tables and Fracking in the media at the moment, this documentary seem remarkably appropriate. With bubbling rivers, flammable water, methane leaking out of the ground and drought for farms it has all hallmarks of a horror movie!

It shows conclusive evidence that Fracking damages and pollutes the ecosystem around it. I don’t know what the British government has that enables them to say it won’t happen here, frankly I think they just have pound signs flickering in front of them. With so many of the decision makers indirectly or directly line up to profit from Fracking, it’s not a surprise they will lie and bribe through their teeth to get Fracking underway.

The evidence in this documentary is, well there! But the companies still openly deny it and put it down to natural occurrences. The lady whistleblower clearly states the lack of interest in the water table study by the Fracking companies and Australian government. The devastation that Fracking causes is plain to see, we must stop it. There are plenty of greener options that can move us forward in energy production, and they will last unlike Fracking! With plans to Frack the ‘Forest of Bowland‘ a designated place of outstanding natural beauty, just shows the government disregard for the environment and wildlife.

There has been no independent research into the environmental effects of Fracking! Evidence seems to be all based on other countries, where it’s gone wrong, although we don’t get that information. Then the Facking companies make up facts or just don’t bother researching, in order to pull the blinkers over our eyes. And with 60% of the UK opened to Frackers our countryside will well and truly be Fracked if we don’t act!

Next stop I believe is right outside Blackpool!

The documentary clearly shows the evidence and the Fracking companies disregarding it. A interesting watch and frankly disturbing but by sharing it hopeful it will encourage more people to join in campaigning for a Frack free world :)

More info at FRACK OFF !

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