The Birth Of This Blog

The Birth Of This Blog

Why am I writing this blog?

My life is by no means perfectly sustainable, but I try! It’s mainly through trying I have found many barriers preventing the average person from leading a sustainable life. As a society we are becoming more aware of the lies that have been fed too us over the decades! With more stories of corruption, devastation, greed and war surfacing daily, people have had enough! It is time for change!

Recently there has been a rise in action to bring about this change. We need to embrace these actions such as the ‘Occupy Movement’ building on them to achieve a more sustainable and equal world for everyone. Too many people think of these views as some ‘hippy shit’. This a major misconception people have, which is mainly due to what they are fed by the media, which too many people take for gospel! The more people who do something the more likely we are to succeed with achieving a better Earth.

The Foothills Of The Himalayas

Taking A Morning Bath in The Foothills Of The Himalayas

Education is the key to our success. With education comes the wisdom to be able to stand up against the worlds problems in a Nonviolent way. It was talking to my friends and work colleagues that I found people don’t fully understand my passion for living sustainably, ending corporate greed, living equally, living in harmony with others and Mother Earth. You may say these issues do not fit together but I believe they are all connected. We are dictated to, what to buy, what to believe, how and when to do it.

Mother Earth provides for us, with plants such as Hemp which can be used for clothing and many different fuels to name a few. Yet we continue to use crude oil, which is not sustainable, very costly and it’s extraction causes so much environmental destruction. One main reasons for not using hemp is that people use it to get ‘stoned’, but hemp comes from a different plant of the same family as cannabis. It’s information like this that can help educate people to stand up and change the world.

So I am setting up this blog purely to share the research, knowledge and thoughts I have also organisations that are also trying to change the world. All in an effort to try make people realise that we can stand up against those who continue to run our world purely to make profit for themselves.

Please read what I put forward, comment and add to it after all we need to work together in order to bring about this change for everyone!


20 responses to “The Birth Of This Blog

  1. Through Harold’s Lens has nominated Ideas of Mass Destruction for a Liebester Award. This award is given to new bloggers with less than 200 followers, giving them recognition and encouragement, and to help the rest of the blogging community discover their fabulous blogs. You will find the rules at Congratulations!!!

    • That you so much for the nomination, I am touched. I am still loving your blog and relishing moving in to south america with you. Keep it up and all the very best for 2013

  2. It’s good to hear that so many people are finally waking up to the lies and corruption spewed out by the politicians, we all have a part in saving the planet and leading a full and better life, great blog bro.

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  4. your blog is every normal human beings wish and will. I also try and wish to spread love, truth and unconditional brotherhood without any difference of color, cast religion or land. God made this universe and decorated it with flora, rivers mountains rains moon and stars to please us the humans being but we misshaped it rather destroying it with hatred- may we be forgiven amen

  5. You have recently found my blog and posted a like on a post that I wrote. I came to check out your blog. I have so enjoyed reading your post. I have started to follow you. Your blog brighten up my day. We are very like minded on many subjects. I too believe we can impact people by our deeds. I try to teach by being an example. It is my pleasure to meet you.

    • There is and explanation one YouTube. Quickly an it talks of a point when a action reaches the hundredth monkey it becomes the norm:)
      We are nearly there with people waking up

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