‘If there is serious oil spill under ice in the Arctic it will be very hard, if not impossible to stop it becoming an environmental catastrophe.’

— Peter Wadhams, Professor of ocean physics at Cambridge University

‘Greenpeace is spot on in its aims – and timing… This is an historic moment and the environmental movement in the shape of Greenpeace, has grasped it.’

— The Independent

As you may have heard ‘Shell’ are planning to drill in the Arctic for more oil. THIS MUST BE STOPPED!

Drilling will destroy the stunning eco-systems and beautiful species like polar bears, Arctic foxes, narwhals, birds and walruses that live in the Arctic. I have never seen any of these animals in the flesh, but I would love to some day. I would like my children and children for generations to come to have that privillage too. Once this eco-system and it’s species have gone thats it! Gone for ever! Not only that if there is an oil spill who knows the scale of the environmental catastrophe that will follow. It’s not worth thinking about!

We don’t need more oil drilling. We need to look forward and find other sustainable options for fuel. There are no options around, hemp on it’s own could replace our oil needs.

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