Stop the Serengeti Sell-off!

The African Serengeti with its diversity and wealth of wildlife must be one of the most beautiful parts of the world.  To visit there is a truly amazing experience for anyone. Most tourist go and view its beauty in a responsible way trying to minimise their impact on its ecosystem. I was lucky enough to visit in 2000 and was overwhelmed by its beauty and the friendliness of the locals. This land and it’s inhabitants, humans and animals have been there for centuries and live in coexistence with each other in harmony.

Elephant in the Ngorongoro Crater(c) M Homewood

Elephant in the Ngorongoro Crater
(c) M Homewood

The Maasai have had an ongoing struggle with the tourism industry trying to take their land from them to build big resorts. There is no need for these as you can drive to the park from towns and there are plenty of places to stay already. This has been going on for years the last big push was in 2009. Villages were burnt to the ground and the locals were forced from their homes and land in a massive breach of human rights. The hunting company, Otterlo Business Corporation wants the land, so rich middle eastern men can swan around and kill the wildlife for a bit of fun! This was stopped by people and the world media putting pressure on the Tanzanian President.

Maasai homestead burned down in July 2009.(c) Survival International

Maasai homestead burned down in July 2009.
(c) Survival International

Now OBC are back and trying again! They must not be allowed to achieve this! Not only is it a massive breach of rights taking the Maasai’s land from them, but also it will destroy the ecosystem and just so these rich men can play with guns to feel macho. Last time after police beating the locals and burning their homes to the ground, the worlds media brought the issue to light and the Tanzanian President reversed his decision and allowed the Maasai to return to their land. But there is a new deal in the pipe line and 48,000 Maasai will once again be forced from their land. We must bring this to the world’s attention and force the Tanzanian President to change his mind. We must help the Maasai keep what is rightfully theirs! Please help today!

There are a number of groups involved in this but Avaaz have a petition running so please follow the link and sign today so together we can help the Maasai:

Also Survival International have been involved back in 2009 so please have a look at the site also:

Maasai (c) Avaaz

(c) Avaaz



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