I was devastated to wake up to the literally earth shattering news that Ed Davey has given the go ahead for Fracking in the UK! This is tragic news for our countryside and nation as a whole. It goes against every green and sustainable value possible and also potentially endangers everyones health, including you!

In todays statement Ed Davey mentioned seismic activity, he made it seem as though this was the only big concern with Fracking. But in reality earthquakes are only a ripple in the pond in comparison to what could happen. I’m not saying earthquakes are not major, I mean when you cause an earthquake however small this should raise alarm bells, it means something is going wrong, very wrong! My big worry however is the impact Fracking could have on the environment, from what I have read and seen there should be a massive concern that Fracking will potentially release toxins and radiation such as Radium which is potentially lethal. WHY have these facts been ignored, I ask?

Where Fracking has already taken place in Pennsylvania (in the US), people now have polluted drinking water so they can’t even drink from their own tap. Locals can’t wash without dousing themselves in toxic chemicals, how is this allowed? I am amazed! I for one try to keep as many chemicals out of my body as possible, we have enough pumped into our bodies by the food industry. The government and gas companies will play this down, as low risk but it’s already happened in the US, this is a very real risk!

One of the places they want to start Fracking in the UK is Cumbria, ie the Lake District. Now, the Lake District is a place of outstanding natural beauty, I’d say one of the best in the world. The Lakes could be destroyed forever! Not only by the lorries thundering around the sleepy towns and countryside  but also the actual drills pounding into the earth. That is only the pollution that is guaranteed, not taking into account the damage to the earth by the seismic activity i.e. earthquakes where there no tectonic plates, or the pollution of the water, rivers and lakes, the risk of a spillage, the risk of an accident,  the massive amount of highly toxic waste and the local wildlife fleeing. It’s all wrong, very very wrong and it scares me to think our government want this to go ahead FRACK!

Below is a video from the FRACK OFF Extreme Energy Action Website. Please take a look.

Also take a look at their website, where you can find more information.

(c) FRACK OFF – Extreme Energy Action Website

Don’t worry though it’s ok, according to Mr Davey they’ll stop drilling if seismic activity reaches 0.5 on the rictor scale. Wow that fills me with confidence, in my eyes it’s like someone driving at one hundred miles an hour in torrential rain and saying “I’ll just drive this fast until I feel the car skid or I lose control a little then i’ll slow down” obviously if the car enters into a skid the momentum will keep going. What i’m saying is if the grounds shaking because you’ve drill a massive hole into it the fabric of the ground has been torn, and it’s too late (especially somewhere were according to physics there should not be an earthquake as it’s not on a tectonic plate!).

This decision just shows how much the government have no concern for the environment and are favouring the big corporate companies with the big bank balances. If they did care about the environment then they would certainly not allow this potential environmental disaster to occur. It will occur as it already has in the US! It will only be a matter of time before the beautiful lakes are bathed in toxins and radiation. I urge them to stop before it’s too late, think about the environment rather than the cash flow please. The technology it there to move away from fossil fuels and use sustainable resources, so why are we not? Well there not as much profit for the rich guys. That is the sad immoral truth of it all!

I mean do we really need more gas, isn’t it time to move on now? Time to take a greener more environmentally sound approach? There are so many other options, they might not be funded by big business owners pockets but a least they won’t destroy our beautiful landscapes and kill us slowly in the process!

Lets try and drill some sense into these money hungry polluters,



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