Liebster Award Nomination

I was very honoured to be nominated for the Liebster Award just before Christmas, this is an Award given to new bloggers with less than 200 followers, giving them recognition and encouragement, and to help the rest of the blogging community discover their fabulous blogs. It nice to know people are reading my blog and it encourages me to know people share my thoughts and views (or even enjoy them), Thank you! My Liebster Award nomination was received by Through Harold’s Lens

So the rule of receiving this nomination is to answer eleven questions and chose eleven new bloggers to pass on the award, so here goes;

1. What is your hobby beside blogging?

I have a long list but in brief, Photography, Travelling, Yoga, Reiki, Qi Gong, Ultimate Frisbee, F1,

2. What is/was your favorite vacation?

A hard question, India (2010)

3. Where did you go and why? (An extension of question 2)

I travelled up the west coast (a truly amazing country). I went just to explore and learn.

4. What is your favourite music?

I like many different types of music, this is always a hard question for me. It depends what mood I’m in I  guess, I like what I perceive as good music!

5. What was your favorite song in 2012?

This again for me is an impossible question, my view changes daily but inline with my blog one favourite is;

President Brown – Unity Train

6. Which band is your favourite and why?

I have many favourite bands so I will give a small list;

The Specials, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, John Lee Hooker, Quantic, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley. I could go on for ever.

7. Which is one beauty product that you must have?

I don’t use any really but it would be an 100% organic one.

8. What is your most valuable possession?

My health!

9. Who is your idol?

I don’t really have an Idol. I have great respect for many people and their values but no one is perfect and to me an idol would have to be. 

10. Do you like scuba diving?

Yes although I have only done it once!

11. If you do, where was your last dive and why?

1990 something, with Scouts

My Newbe Bloggers

I have no idea how to tell who is a new blogger and have not really had the chance to explore many blogs fully yet. However if some of my Followers are new, please let me know and I will add your Blog to my list and nominate you personally. Since I am only allowed 11, he/she who lets me know first, gets listed. Here are a few though;


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