Thinking About 2013…

I have shared some of the organisations and campaigns I follow, even added in the odd quote or two but I have not shared any of my own thoughts yet.  As we are entering into the new year (well nearly four months into it) now is that time!

So what do I think 2013 will bring? This is a billion dollar question. I can only say what I would like it to bring and quite frankly i’m expecting big things (you have to think positively). With the rise of movements such as Avvaz gaining continuous momentum the world has already changed. I believe people are now realising on mass that we need to change.

My main hope is a massive global move towards Sustainability & Equality, this is slowly happening and people are becoming more aware of it’s importance. There are Transition towns popping up all over the globe (Thats a whole post in itself) and peoples awareness is growing daily. With this new awareness communities around the globe are changing and becoming more sustainable as we speak. There is however a long way to go yet!

Community Garden(c) M Homewood

Community Garden
(c) M Homewood

In gerneral people are realising more about how our governments run things and how greed and power has become the main agenda in world politics. With recent actions such as the Occupy movment, the world has become more aware of the problems. The rich 1% are not having such an easy life behind their close doors, we are knocking at their door and hopefully will break them down very soon. I guess I hope that people are realiseing that there are people out there who want change too, if you look the groups and organisations are there already and trying to change the world. When people get together and start working together then change will come for us all.

With the development of more eco efforts we can move forward to a new way of living. Current trends must stop in order to achieve  sustainability, you only need to look at todays weather (snow in march in the UK, over fifty degrees in Australia, floods around the globe) to realise something major is wrong. Weather around the globe is becoming more and more extreme and unless everyone comes together to embed sustainable ways into our cultures, then the weather will wipe us all out! As I have said I believe peoples views are changing but that is not enough! People need to get together and treat everyone equally. Equality will bring about more happiness and allow humans to concentrate on the important issues of sustainability. For too long we have sat and watched world leaders make decisions that change our lives for the worst (not all I must add) it’s now time we all acted for the planet and world as a whole.

There has been many people in our history who have achieved great things without violence, such as Gandhi (a truly inspirational man for us all) proving that when people come together then the world can change for the better. Unfortunately when these inspirational people die, more than often their wisdom and strength dies with them. So I think everyone needs to take a look at these inspirational humans examples and realise that they too can bring about massive changes. Todays modern media (like blogs) makes it easier, we can talk and interact with like minded people to bring about the change the we all desperately need!

Mahatma Gandhi (c) Wikipedia

Mahatma Gandhi
(c) Wikipedia

Another hope for mine for 2013 is an end to all the war, a large one I know and one that has been the hope of many for years. But with the change of thinking and more non violence groups setting up there is more hope. When the people in power don’t feel the urge for more power then the war will dwindle with the greed and capitalism.

So thats my thoughts for 2013! Not small goals I know but I really do believe we are on the tip of the cusp and if more people realise that they are not alone in their thinking then these changes will come. With the power of good will and togetherness and most of all the redevelopment of community these goals are nothing!


3 responses to “Thinking About 2013…

  1. I do enjoy reading your blog. Please have a look and join us on The Sanctuary Network – the social network for people who care for the environment and humanity. We would be very happy to share our values with you and have your input for change. We recognise the need for mutual cooperation which is why we created The Sanctuary Network as our contribution to the changes we all wish to see.

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