As you may have seen in the press the Maasai are under threat this is an urgent appeal to save their land. Tanzania’s tourism ministry announced that they are setting aside 1,500 square kilometres of the Maasai land for a “Wildlife Corridor”. Now this might sound like a area for wild animals to roam and be free of human interaction, but  it’s entirely the opposite . Not only will the Maasai be force off their land, access will be granted to a Dubai based luxury hunting and safari company. So rich people can roam around in their luxury jeeps with air conditioning and all the mod cons shooting and murdering the wild animals that are already struggling. One can’t help but think that vast sums of money have been used to bribe the Tanzanian minster, as I can not imagine how someone could agree to such a barbaric and out of date practice to take place, let alone throwing locals off their  rightful land. It shocks me to the bone!

Stand with the Maasai(c) Avaaz

Stand with the Maasai
(c) Avaaz

Nearly all the Maasai in the Loliondo district of  Tanzanian rely on the proposed area to graze their cattle, which in turn raises money that they greatly rely on to pay for food and their children’s education. Daniel Ngoitiko a Maasai politician said  “My people’s livelihood depends on livestock totally, … We will die if we don’t have land to graze on”. This is not just a few local tribes men it’s thousands of human beings who have lived and worked on this land for generations, working with the land and with the animals. Khamis Kagasheki (the minster for natural resources and tourism in Tanzania)  was reported in one newspaper saying ” There is no government in the world that can just let an area so important to conservation to be wasted away by overgrazing.” but there is a government who will let rich people come and kill their local animals for fun at the expense of their fellow country men.

The company ‘Ortello Business Corporation’ will have claim to the land selling safaris for rich trophy hunters. Looking on the internet there is a lot of uproar about this venture, we must stop it right now before they get the savage grip on the land. Avaaz (which I have talked about previously) have a campaign running to send a petition to President Jakaya Kilwete of Tanzania. Follow the link below and sight it today and get your friends to also. The statment is as follows:

To President Jakaya Kikwete:

As citizens from around the world, we call on you to oppose any attempt to evict Maasai from their traditional land or require them to relocate to make way for foreign hunters. We are counting on you to be a champion for your people and stop any attempt to change their land rights against their will

There has previously been an attempt by ‘Ortello Business Corporation’ which was met with heavy outrage and large amounts of bad press coverage, but it’s seams now as thats has blown over they are trying again. I wrote a post on this previously covering this ‘Stop the Serengeti Sell-off!” the petition work but only until the media quietened down, this time the the land has been leased to OBC since 1992 and the Maasai are being told to leave so that the area can be used as a corridor for animals in the interest of conservation. This is a sick lie and must be shown to be this before the Maasai are wiped out along with the wildlife just because some want to be ‘macho’ rich people have a desire to murder for fun!!!

Also Survival (again who I have talked about) support this campaign for more information check out




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