Save Our Veg … No Monsanto No!

Most people have probably not heard of Monsanto, some of you might have and will know of the devastating work they do!

Monsanto is a  multinational agricultural biotechnology corporation who specialise in  genetically engineering seeds and herbicides, they are the proud producers of insecticide DDT, PCBs, Agent Orange, and recombinant bovine somatotropin (all nasty polluting chemicals). Monsanto specialises in biological genetic engineering and were the first company to produce a genetically engineered plant cell. They continue to dabble in this field their most famous being the soya seed. Monsanto recoupe their massive expenses by  getting biological patents, in effect they patent their product and endeavour to make it the only option. They force everyone to buy their product and in turn make massive profits. Some years ago their was a massive outcry over their soya beans where farms were being made to use their GM beans by force! The plan to eradicated natural beans hence giving Monsanto the whole market. Monsanto hold no prisoners and have the financial might to destroy anyone who gets in their path and they do.

(c) Monsanto

(c) Monsanto

So why am I ranting on about Monsanto you may ask, hardly a sustainable subject. Well they are coming to europe with a vengeance as they are trying to patent our vegetables and fruits just like they did the soya bean. And you’ve guessed it they will force growers to use Monsanto seeds, meaning that other varieties will eventually die out, not to mention organic. The clever people at Monsanto have found a loop hole in European law, allowing them to have exclusive rights over our conventional seeds. We must stop them now, by getting European countries to change the law so this can not happen. We must put pressure on key countries such as Germany, France and Netherlands to make them close this loop hole before it’s too late and well loose control of our vegetables. Theres enough bad press about food supplies at the moment but if Monsanto get there way these stories will only be the icing on the cake.

Patent tomatoes and our vegetables. (c) Avaaz

Patent tomatoes and our vegetables. (c) Avaaz

The fact that this can be allowed to happen is tragic and shows how these massive companies a sweeping up all freedoms of choice and consumer rights. I only buy organic vegetables and can just about afford to with weekly budgeting. I really fear that if Monsanto get their way, organic vegetables will either be eradicated or so expensive only the elite 1% can afford them. No one should be able to own nature other than Mother Earth herself! It sickens me to think that governments could allow this to happen, it’s like selling natures sole!

Avaaz are running a petition to get this law changed and they have nearly 2 million people but need more. If Monsanto get their way there will be no going back our vegetables will be gone forever, we will be left with one brand of genetically modified crap. Probably bland and perfectly formed with no character or goodness. Think about it? do you what choice or be forced to eat the same chemical vegetables day in day out?

NO then sign here today and stop Monsanto in their tracks before they get their grip on our food supply!

NO Monsanto NO !!!


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