The Sickening Greed of Society…

With ‘Black Friday‘ and ‘Cyber Monday‘ events recently taking place in the England this year I was sickened !


A restrained shopper in ASDA car park after a fight!
© The Guardian (

I know this tradition has been a part of the American commercial calendar for years, and to see images of the stampedes and violence from there each year is tragic! The shear fact the people queue up, then charge the second the door opens, then fight in order to get their hands on the latest trending crap at a slightly reduce rate, just show the greed of todays society. This year the trend seemed to hit England in a big way, there was reports in the papers of fights breaking out in ASDA over goods on ‘Black Friday’, it’s just beyond me. People hospitalised after been assaulted while fighting over cheap deals is just ridiculous.

I believe in sustainable living and not these mass produced items that are made to last a year or two maximum. To see people fighting to get there hands on these cheap products is just beyond my scope of understanding. I’d much rather make do without, buy second hand or make my own. Obviously sometimes you have to buy new products, but I save up so I can spend the extra cash on the most sustainable and reliable I can. I am by no means perfect or preaching my way, everyone has the own mind and values. Unfortunately the powerful advertising of these products makes people belive they need the newest and best to fit it ! In this day and age when people are struggling so much to afford anything, opportunities like this which giving them the chance to look good with their new products. The dreaded narcissism that seems to be taking over, obviously brings out the worst in people the greed takes over!

Anyway I though this video summed it up beautifully:


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