Coming to a British town near you soon…

As the great ‘The Great Northern Gas Gala‘ continues to try and stop the Fracker’s from destroying our countryside mainly the very popular tourist spot the “lake District’, I  find move videos supporting the campaign of previous Fracking destruction from the US!

People having nosebleeds, nausea and headaches after Fracking started, powder taking paint of their cars, yet they still insist it’s safe, there is only so many coincidences that can occur before it’s blatant lying . What lengths will these greedy fat cat’s go too to make a fast buck! It saddens me that these people have no concern not only for the environment and the local people who’s life could be destroy but all so for future generations. All because certain MP’s receive massive bribes  donations from companies like Cuadrilla Resources our future and generations after us is compromised!



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