Make your own ‘All Purpose Cleaner” …

I though I would share with you the recipe for my cleaner, well I didn’t invent it, but I use it to clean my home. My house mates were surprised with the results, thinking their named brands would be much better. How wrong they were!

This cleaner proved better and got of more dirt off, even after the named brands that claim to ‘Wipe away all dirt’ (or something along those lines) had been used. It is also good for getting rid of ants, fleas and cockroaches. Not much of an issues here in the UK, but worked a treat when I was in Australia.

Make you own cleaner with these items.

Make you own cleaner with these items.

All you need is

  • A empty spray bottle
  • 1/4 cup of vinegar
  •  1/2 teaspoon of Broax
  • Few of drop of natural essence of your choice.

It’s very easy to make, here goes;

  1. Thoroughly clean out a spray bottle make sure you get out all the nasty harmful chemicals. (You could buy one but I prefer to recycle!)
  2. Fill it nearly to the top with hot water, from you tap.
  3. Add 1/4 of a cup of vinegar. I just free pour this in. I’m not one for measuring too much. I use white wine vinegar as it does not smell as much, but you can use any.
  4. Lastly add 1⁄2 teaspoon borax
  5. Add a few drop of your  natural essence I use pine but it your choice
  6. Then give it a shake up
  7. Give the house a good natural clean!

If your in the UK you will find it very hard to purchase Broax! Never quite found out why, something about it been too toxic and part of making explosives. This means shops generally don’t sell it anymore, I feel this is just to make you buy their chemical products, but hey who knows.

Anyway you can purchase it from Intralabs! They are very cheap and will post to your door for a few pounds. They also sell salts and sodium bicarbonate a useful place if you want to make your own natural products, with good info about how to use them to. Intralabs do have to inform the intelligence service that you have purchased Borax which I found quite amusing.

Happy cleaning !!!


7 responses to “Make your own ‘All Purpose Cleaner” …

  1. Maybe I will make it one day but I am still addict to clean everything with Effective Microorganism /EM/. Living close to the russian and lithuanian border I could probably buy a borax on our local market

  2. Maybe I will add borax to my all natural cleaning… I do like it for laundry. Still can’t believe that you can’t buy it at your local grocery store!

    • You should it works well. I’ll be making my own washing power from now too. Yer we have lot of restrictive laws here in the UK these days, more keep coming!

      • How you will make your own washing powder? Mixing only with soda???? I use for laundry indian nuts but I would be happy to make my own washing powder. I can easy buy borax in Poland in ecoshops /1kg costs less than 2 pounds/ or 25 kg for 20 pounds on allegro /its like ebay/ or even ready sets – 1kg of borax plus 1 kg of soda for 2 pounds. If you are worried about the ‘Washing powder police’ we could always use code words to fly under their radar?

      • Ha ha not bothered about the washing power police as I am already on their radar for buying borax (they report you then). Yes mix it with soda crystals and soap flakes and something to smell nice. I found a good place to get borax here in uk as apparently it’s banned, but this company sells for industry :-).

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