Police Abduct Child at Fracking protest Manchester UK

I am fully in support of the amazing work people at the ‘THE NORTHERN GAS GALA‘ are doing to save our planet from the dirty, money hungry Fracker’s. We must stop this, over fifty percent of our country have be handed over to these impostors allowing them to split it apart and suck it dry! Leaving polluted water, destroy landscapes and shattered communities. These people are camping out in the freezing weather trying to protect your children’s future, we must support them. There are reports of flares been fired at police although the police can produce no evidence for this, only and excuse to raid peoples tents and search everyone it seems! This is a peaceful protest! There are accusation of police heavy-handedness  against the elderly and disabled peaceful protesters, but when they Abduct this child from here mother in an attempt to force the line back they reached a new low;

People must stand up to this Fracking it’s bad and does go wrong and badly wrong. They don’t care! The government gets massive bribes to allow the companies to Frack up our countryside

On the 12th January there is a march of solidarity to support these good people:

Barton Moss Road to the Camp and the entrance to the IGas exploratory drilling site. The day starts at12:30pm and meets at the lay-by on Liverpool Road at the conrer of Barton Moss Lane M30 7RL – next turnoff after Barton Airport.


Your Countryside Needs you!


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