Solidarity against Fracking March – Barton Moss 12 Jan 2014

Sunday was the solidarity march for the good people camping out at Barton Moss. They are trying to stop theses Fracker’s  from destroying our countryside and water supply! Here’s to them and there amazing dedication and work to save our future. THANK YOU!

There was a good showing of about 800 – 1500 people, not 250 like the good old BBC said! We all gathered in the car park of the Reds stadium in Salford, watched by our friends from G4S. Who incidentally would not allow us to us the toilet facilities. We marched about a mile along the A57 up to the Barton Moss site. There was a good support from passing cars and the police seemed to let us do out thing peacefully. We had drums, whistles, voice and out signs to get across our message “Stop Fracking Now!”

March Against Fracking - 12/01/14 - Barton Moss

March Against Fracking – 12/01/14 – Barton Moss

There was a large amount of creative signage from people showing there concern of the process of Fracking. Members of the Green party also were present showing their support, after all this was a march of solidarity.

Green Party members marching

Green Party members were present

Frack FreeNot for shale

The good guys who camp

The good guys who camp

The day was very peaceful and I hope it made some people aware of the disaster that the government is trying to bring to our nation. People from all walks of live coming together in solidarity against Fracking. Together as the 99%

It’s seems the government will stop at nothing though, bribing people in to Fracking. On the day we had the announcement from Mr Cameron that he will allow councils to keep 100% of the business rates from Fracking up from the original 50%, a blatant bribe. I call to all our councillors to see through this bribe in a time of mass cuts and think about the future generations!

The Fracking drills - Destroying the view

The Fracking drills – Destroying the view

A quote from out prime minister:

“We have the strongest environmental controls in this country, nothing would go ahead if there were environmental dangers. I think people can be reassured by that. But I actually believe it’s when these wells go ahead, when people start to see the benefit, when people see there aren’t environmental concerns, they will see that it is quite right that this is part of our long-term economic plan,” he said.

The right economic plan for him and his friends maybe! I highly doubt the public will seen any of the benefits, other than pollution, noise, heavy lorries and lots of profit for the few!

I’ll leave you with a few clips from some of the days peaceful protest. We must stop Fracking before it’s to late please support your local community and tell the Fracker’s to ‘STOP FRACKING OUR FUTURE!’

But first a clip of Anne Power an 82 year old who has been there form the start. A true legend and an example to us all, I had the pleasure of meeting her an amazing lady full of energy. THANKS ANNE

Just for the record and for the BBC here all 250 people walking past



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