How to sort out the economy…

The question everyone is asking at the moment, How do we sort out the economy? The answer is here! I no economist but i’ve read a think or two, I know the current system is a complete shambles and only feeds the rich. This system makes the rich richer and poor poorer, it needs to change in order for there to be equally. Last year I found the group Positive Money’now they know a thing or two about economics and their site explains it all in simple terms. They are base in the UK but the systems are the same more or less around the world.

Positive Money

Positive Money

Positive Money have come up with a simple solution to solve the problem we are facing currently with the big five banks (five in the UK at least). These big five banks are controlling our country and holding us to ransom with debt, whilst making massive profits. Positive Money are funded from donations, obviously they don’t have the support of the banks so need as much promotion as they can get. Reading through the information on their site, some of which is unbelievable but not surprising I have learnt a lot.

They post videos explaining the finical system and the reforms that need to be made in order  for the system to be equal, right up my street, and they have my full support! Their latest video explains the three simple steps in order to make the banking system equal and sustainable.

Here is the three simple steps to sort the economy. Enjoy and spread the word…


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