The government don’t seem to care but this vote says it all!

Sustainability and Climate Change

It is in the news a lot these days! David Cameron has give fracking companies the green light and has said that the industry will give communities that host shale gas sites £100,000 per site in “community benefits” and up to 1% of all revenues from production. Fracking is happening all over North America and David Cameron says that his country should “fully embrace the American model of widespread fracking of shale for oil and gas”. It is of course causing a lot of debate and the antifracking activists and environmental groups such as Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth seem worried about the develoments. So what do I think of fracking? Well I think that as long as there is enough screening to protect and shield the sites, then I don’t see why it’s not a good idea. If it was the last way of extacting oil/gas, then I think a lot of…

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