Urban Gleaners… A model to follow!

A clip from Urban Gleaners!

This clip is truly inspirational, a simple idea yet not a common one, Why? I have heard a lot about supermarkets and restaurants throwing away perfectly good food (it’s one of the thing that really annoys be about supermarkets, see Supermarket’s, Are They Really Super ? post). I’ve remember a friend whose brother (now sadly no longer with us), who lived in a squat in London. He used to eat the food the town’s supermarket used to throw out, called skipping (dumpster diving in the US) and he ate well. The food that gets throw out because it’s slightly off colour or not looking perfect is shocking and a massive waste!

This video shows how easy it is to use this waste to help our local communities poorer residents, it only take one person. The benefits to the whole community and environment are clear to see, just think if every town have a scheme like this AMAZING! I going to contact my local MP and try to get it started in my town. If you do too then tell a friend in another town to do the same we’ll be rolling in no time.



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