Crazy and pointless prosecution…

This post kind of ties into my last post Urban Gleaners… A model to follow! After writing the post I had a quick read of the paper, as you do. I found an article about the prosecution of three men in London for ‘skipping’ (dumpster diving). This is ridiculous and well it’s just crazy! The brief story concerns three guys you live in a squat in London. I am not been judgemental! The paper seem to think it was relevant and obviously this will have a massive influence on the case. As it happen one is an works in IT. The crime stealing food in the rubbish bin that was going to be thrown into a landfill. But the ridiculous, (or even more ridiculous should I say) part  is they are been charge under a section of the 1824 Vagrancy Act. I mean come on how desperate must the police be!

Initially I thought this was a poor show by Iceland (the supermarket in question), but no! It’s reported to day the CEO Malcolm Walker has questioned the CPS (Crown prosecution service) as to why they are following this charge through. He says Iceland did not call the police nor did the initiate any prosecution agaist the three men. So why?

“Currently investigating with the CPS to find out why they have decided to take case to court,” he wrote in a tweet. He added that the location of the store in Kentish Town, north London, was next to a police station. “We did not call police, did not seek prosecution,” he wrote. He said he knew nothing about the case until reading Wednesday’s Guardian. (Guardian Newspaper 29/01/2014)

Paul May - The accused (© The Guardian)

Paul May – The accused (© The Guardian)

I find this just so crazy to understand, it completely boggles my mind. WHY? What is the point? These guys are saving food from the land fill! Food that is perfectly fine! The only issues is  some health and safety boffin had decided supermarkets have to throw anything that might possibly not be perfect. It’s not as if these guys are going to sue if (if being highly unlikely) they get ill. In a time when people are starving and struggling to afford to live, here in the uk, it is absurd. Not only that,  in the same week when the dreaded Tesco announce they in only six months threw out a wapping 28,500 tons of food. It’s just … i’m lost for words I really am, or nice ones anyway.

This just emphasises the importance of schemes like in my last post Urban Gleaners… A model to follow , and how we need to implement them everywhere. This is not just about health and safety and pretty looking food, who cares if it’s slightly damaged? Reduce it, sell it for 10p if they have to make the precious cash. Best of all give it to the people who are struggling or the homeless, give something back to the community! But don’t just waste it. It’s not only wasting the food it’s all the energy, time and resource taken to grow it too.

Thats food for thought !


2 responses to “Crazy and pointless prosecution…

    • Thanks! Funny read today the CPS have now dropped the case, as they had decide it’s no longer in the public interest to pursue it! More like they have been exposed and don’t want to look silly.

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