Collapse: Film About Michael Ruppert

This video has been deleted, theres a suprise  it can be found here now, please watch this. It important to YOU!

I have never heard of Michael Ruppert but I wish I had. This guy talks so much sense! To think he’s being say this for so long and people just are not listening, as have many is just so sad.

It just reiterates the point of sustainability and how urgent it is the people get of their ass and do something rather than run around like the sheep we do! This is an important video for people to watch it’s about time this man got some credit for his work. Maybe you could be the hundredth monkey (view the video to understand this!)

Unfortunately apparently Michael took his life on the 13th April 2014, yet still after his death his message goes on and will definitely be a massive influence to me, may he RIP !


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