No to Nato military exercises in Ukraine…

I was emailed this today by ‘Stop the War Coalition’! It links to the British government e-petition site and a petition for Britain not to partake in the NATO military exercises in July. THIS MUST be stopped now! 

Please sign and pass on to as many as you can!

Thousands sign Ukraine petition within hours. Please help us send a clear message.

Within hours of the government releasing our censored petition, thousands signed up to say No to Nato military exercises in the Ukraine.

We don’t have long to build a strong campaign against military exercises in July that will see UK troops deployed in the Ukraine. Please help us by sharing the petition with your friends and contacts.

Sign the petition the government tried to ban. Let’s collect as many signatures as possible and stop this dangerous escalation of war.

No to Nato military exercises in Ukraine

(C) Stop the War Coalition

(C) Stop the War Coalition

Sign the e-petition

We note with great concern that UK and US troops are scheduled to participate in joint military exercises in Ukraine in July as part of NATO’s Rapid Trident manoeuvres. Ukraine is not a member of NATO. Its participation in military exercises by a nuclear-armed alliance with a first-strike policy can only further destabilise the country.

We call on the British government to urge the US and other NATO governments to cancel the Rapid Trident exercise, and to give a plain and public undertaking that Britain will not participate.

Initial signatories:
Lindsey German, convenor of Stop the War Coalition
Kate Hudson, general secretary of CND
Caroline Lucas MP
Jeremy Corbyn MP
John Rees, Stop the War Coalition
Baroness Jenny Tonge
Ken Loach, film and TV director
Mark Rylance, actor
Miriam Margolyes OBE actor
Michael Rosen, author and broadcaster
Salma Yaqoob, former leader of the Respect Party
Andrew Murray, chief of staff for Unite union

Sign the e-petition


One response to “No to Nato military exercises in Ukraine…

  1. I applaud the sentiment but I believe you are a little behind the news. Trident 2014 has already been suspended/postponed. Hopefully sense will prevail and it’ll be cancelled eventually, though these days it’s rare for sense to prevail in any situation.

    I’m not sure if this worked to TPTB’s advantage or not. Are things happening over there too fast or not fast enough? Did they want to be on the ground before ukraine really started kicking off so they could nudge the conflict forward in a more dangerous direction? Or are they holding back until it gets worse?

    The Russians have been the good guys so far in this. If they hadn’t stepped in and protected the Russian Crimeans we’d already have another Yugoslavian style ethnic cleansing genocide in progress. Unfortunately it seems the Russians have only been able to delay it a while as the NWO is hell bent on taking it in that direction and onwards to a major East against West war. God help us all.

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