2014 the year of change… I hope!

My first blog spoke of hope, change and moving toward a more sustainable and equal future for all. I spoke of education and Mother earth providing for us. I want to reflect on this two years on. When I wrote my first post I had just returned from two years travelling and now I have been stuck in the rat race again for nearly two a years and a half! Are things changing? Do I still have hope? Where are we going?

As the title suggests I do believe things are changing, people are becoming aware of the wrongs in our society. The process is slow but I can see it building momentum and gathering pace. I’m not sure if this is because I have join so many groups and campaigns that I am more aware change but I’m sure it’s increasing. One problem I have encountered is there are so many groups all trying to achieve the same thing. Believing there is power in numbers I feel if the change is to take place all these groups need to come together and work as one. The problem with today’s society is the ingrained narcissism, people just want to look like there doing it better or giving the most. Until all these individual groups come together, under one umbrella things will continued to move slowly.

The main thing I believe we need is education, so many people are unaware of what is actually happening. Take the Fracking issue for example (which I am a big campaigner against)! I have read about it and spoken to people, so know that its very risky and frankly unnecessary. Our media however says strict British safety regulations will mean the accidents that have happened in other countries, can’t happen here, and our amenities costs will greatly be reduced. Now anyone who actually bothers to look into it will see this is just not true! The real reason is certain MP’s have money and hidden interests in the Fracking business. People have lost sight that governments are there to represent the people and the majorities views, not to control us and make massive amounts of money from us, which they do today!

Grow your Own

Grow your Own

It’s not all negative, many more people are changing their ways. There seems to be a lot more happening and even the press are beginning to report about protests (although they underestimate the numbers) and corruption. People are definitely becoming more aware! There is more talk of dissatisfaction with the way things are run, but there is not enough action. People still have this idea that the government has to change things, but we as a people need to change them! If we do not like the way a company do something, tell them, if they do not listen, stop shopping there, it’s that simple! There are so many options these companies have to listen to us, the problem is that people feel they have lost their voice. People are afraid of these big corporations and this must change, otherwise things will only get worse and more unequal. People need to bring back community we can achieve this. As the Dalai Lama says the power of community is invaluable! In a tighter community there is less crime, less corruption, more effective government and more equality!

The power of multimedia and the internet is a valuable resource to get these messages across, this is probably why the they are trying to censor the internet. But through this medium people are beginning to see the corruption and the greed that the one’s in power feed on. Also sharing tips and ideas for sustainability, and there are some amazing sites (to come in later posts) providing ingenious ideas. The main focus is to get people to realise they don’t need the corporate giants in our towns and that local is best. There are initiatives appearing and getting people to grow their own! People are too lazy and prefer to drive to the supermarket where the can get everything and have no interaction with their community.

Theres a lot happening in the UK at the moment with the government sneaking new laws left right and centre to cut our privacy, control the ones who disagree with them and increase their own capital. People are beginning to see this and the government is becoming more blatant with them, only yesterday they passed the bill taking away people’s right to stop Fracking under their own homes, shocking but they did it. The general public has had enough, everything is getting privatised and sold to of the same fat cat friends of the elite.

Since beginning this blog I have learnt a lot about sustainability and equality and have changed the way I live significantly:

  • The major change is not shopping at supermarkets (something I have ranted about previously, but I’m proud of this). It has been hard as it limits what you can buy. Don’t get me wrong local produce tastes amazing, but when you become used to buying whatever you want it takes some adjusting.
  • I am now only trying to buy as much local produce and only seasonal vegetables. This is going well and challenging my culinary skills.
  • I have also taken on an allotment.  Learning to grow my own produce greatly lowers the cost, as organic local food insanely costs more than mass-produced shit from half way around the globe (as I spoke about in my ‘Supermarket’s, Are They Really Super ? post back in January).
  • I have also started making my own washing power and cleaners from natural ingredients (Make you own ‘All Purpose Cleaner’). This works out a lot cheaper and things seem perfectly clean.
  • I recycle a lot more and try to upcycle where I can. This is frustrating as the local council could provide a better service to facilitate this, but that’s all part of the process I guess.
  • Not shopping at unsustainable shops. This is very hard in this day and age and obviously not 100% achievable but I make the effort.
  • And of course I have become involved in various groups, campaigns and initiatives.
Teaching children to grow their own

Teaching children to grow their own

All this has been the relatively easy part to progress further in to achieving sustainability. The the main challenges it modern society and going against the norm. Friends and colleagues are beginning to understand and accept the changes I have made and some are even taking them on themselves. There is a long way to go until I can call myself sustainable, but I have not been put of this task, in fact I’m keener than ever. I have been show so many amazing ideas and there so many options to try a task I relish.

So in certain terms things have become worst since I began my blog but …. on the positive side more people are aware of the issues and coming together slowly! Its happening the ‘Great Turning’ is gaining momentum. As more and more people have enough of inequality and corruption they look to ways to change, the campaign and activist groups are growing.  Recently I read about the ‘hundredth monkey theory’, this research found in a community of monkeys where one is taught a skill, slowly other monkeys in the community begin to copy this skill. Once the hundredth monkey copies then suddenly it becomes the norm and all the community copy this action. Obviously this will take a lot more than a hundred with humans but it will happen and that turning point is near!

So I’m still confident we can achieve and enjoy sustainability and equality in my life time, in fact I am more certain of this than when I started my blog! Society is going in the right direction and community is being rebuilt, once this has been achieved things will move very fast. I believe 2014 is the year of change!

I finish with a quote from Gandhi:

“Be the change in the world you want to see”


4 responses to “2014 the year of change… I hope!

  1. Thanks for caring and working to affect sustainable solutions. I agree that we seem to have too many groups doing similar things. Maybe they could find ways to integrate and merge. blessings, Brad

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