Some art to relive sketchers block…

As well as a passion for sustainability and equality, I do belive it or not have passion for other things too, including art. I like to sketch a bit and mess around with the computer  to adapt my graphics. I have decide to liven up my blog with a little bit of my art work. Unfortunately after traveling, I came back to find my old computer knackered in turn losing a lot of work. This is ok as I have most of the original sketches not adapted or coloured though, just the simple sketch. I hope by putting some of these sketches on this blog it might inspire me out of my apparent sketchers block.

First is a group of sketches I did a few years back. I decide to go with these first as I have coloured versions. I now tend to sketch animals or nature and political satire (I guess if I had to give it a title). These were based on characters from my favourite cartoon as a child ‘Thundercats’ enjoy!

Vector art inspired by 'Thundercats' - (mjh333)

Cartoon female – Vector art inspired by ‘Thundercats’ -(mjh333)

A sketch inspired by Thundercats

Cartoon male face sketch – Inspired by ‘Thundercats’

A Male cartoon face inspired by thundercats

Cartoon male face sketch (in colour)- Inspired by ‘Thundercats’


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