The Copenhagen wheel…

The Copenhagen Wheel replaces the rear wheel on your bike to install a powered back wheel!

This seems like a great idea, that might get more people on bikes. Superpedestrain who produce the wheel are looking to start export at the end of the year. The wheel however is expensive and Superpedestrain has the exclusive licence to sell it. This means you can only get it from them by importing it from America, this is a shame as it will put people off and increase the cost, which is already quite high at £465 ($799).

I would love to try one out but I think at that price it is it definitely a luxury that I don’t need. I applaud the idea but unfortunately it appears to have been produced with mass profit in mind, which puts a downer on the whole project for me. I sure this could be produced much cheaper and made available to the everyday person, in turn helping reduce pollution in towns and increasing health of the residents. I guess we just have to wait until someone else with a more sustainable mind produces something similar. Hopefully this wont take long as I think this would be a very beneficial assessed to commuter biking.

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