Who do you belive, facts or greedy Frackers?

With concerns about UK water tables and Fracking in the media at the moment, this documentary seem remarkably appropriate. With bubbling rivers, flammable water, methane leaking out of the ground and drought for farms it has all hallmarks of a horror movie!

It shows conclusive evidence that Fracking damages and pollutes the ecosystem around it. I don’t know what the British government has that enables them to say it won’t happen here, frankly I think they just have pound signs flickering in front of them. With so many of the decision makers indirectly or directly line up to profit from Fracking, it’s not a surprise they will lie and bribe through their teeth to get Fracking underway.

The evidence in this documentary is, well there! But the companies still openly deny it and put it down to natural occurrences. The lady whistleblower clearly states the lack of interest in the water table study by the Fracking companies and Australian government. The devastation that Fracking causes is plain to see, we must stop it. There are plenty of greener options that can move us forward in energy production, and they will last unlike Fracking! With plans to Frack the ‘Forest of Bowland‘ a designated place of outstanding natural beauty, just shows the government disregard for the environment and wildlife.

There has been no independent research into the environmental effects of Fracking! Evidence seems to be all based on other countries, where it’s gone wrong, although we don’t get that information. Then the Facking companies make up facts or just don’t bother researching, in order to pull the blinkers over our eyes. And with 60% of the UK opened to Frackers our countryside will well and truly be Fracked if we don’t act!

Next stop I believe is right outside Blackpool!

The documentary clearly shows the evidence and the Fracking companies disregarding it. A interesting watch and frankly disturbing but by sharing it hopeful it will encourage more people to join in campaigning for a Frack free world 🙂

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