Heysham Moss Link: CTC briefing

I’m always keen to support cycling routes! I myself and don’t have a car licence, and cycle or walk everywhere. With the public transport coast spiralling to insane prices, anyone would think the government wanted to stop people using it.

We need more cycle paths and routes, there is plenty of space to achieve this! With the redevelopment of canals two birds could be killed with one stone, just a thought


Paul has been co-ordinating with Cherry Allan, Campaigns and Policy Information Co-ordinator at CTC to write up this case study of the Heysham Moss Link petition and campaign progress.


It’s another excuse to publicise the success, so please do share it!  You can point people here or direct, or to facebook, it is on the Dynamo page https://www.facebook.com/dynamocyclecampaign/posts/731112820282464 and on the Lancaster Cycle Forum.

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