Imgur: ‘Gaza looks like actual hell on earth’

When will this stop! News today that the USA is sending $225 million to Israel disgusts me. We must all stand against this barbaric war, with a mass protest planed on the 9th August to show our support for Gaza, See you there!


7 responses to “Imgur: ‘Gaza looks like actual hell on earth’

    • I’m opposed to all violence from both sides. I’m all for equality and don’t belive Israel should bombing hospitals and schools. The use of violence will get no one anywhere. I support the innocent people being killed !

      • Then they can fire from hospital and school…of course they are right… Is there a mass demonstration against Hamas? Of course… no. Their brainwashing is very efficient.

      • I’m not supporting the violence by Hamas. But I don’t agree with a people being suppressed because of their believes, everyone have the right to belive in what they choose. Israel has suppress them for a long time and killing them because of what they belive is wrong however you look at it!

        I belive in Equality, war only creates more war! Israel are suppressing innocent people because of their believes in my book that is wrong. Hamas are wrong for also killing! But when people are trapped and suppressed they will react, yes in a bad way in this case but what will Israel achieve but brutally murdering hundreds of people ? Violence will not achieve anything other than death and hatred!

      • You are wrong. Israel doesn’t suppress anyone because of there belief. There are Arab people (muslim or christian) who have Israeli citizenship…They are even in Parliament. There are less problem with the Fatah. You’d better to get better information….

      • I know and accept when my information is wrong, but this is exactly the problem, difference in opinion. Disagreement should be talked out and not be settled by mindless violence. Bombs will only create more anger and more bombs!

        The palestinians have a wall around them and are trapped and segregated in Gaza, limited to what they can do or even produce, this is a form of suppression is it not?

        I not saying Hamas is right, no violence is right, but Israel are unjustified in destroying Gaza as are Hamas for retaliating! But this war will not achieve anything other than death and destruction and even more disagreement!

        The only way is to talk like adult and stop flexing muscles like in the playground!

  1. Thank you for sharing this resource, mjh. The slaughter of Palestinians in their own homeland is an outrageous abuse of power. As you point out, resistance is understandable but violence is not the answer. Violence serves the interests of the colonial empires that created Israel in 1948, not the Jewish or Palestinian peoples who have been displaced and oppressed. Sadly, it is now those in power in Israel who are responsible for thousands of deaths, with US financial support and political complicity.

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