A revolutionary move in the way we shop, yet so simple…

I have stated in ‘Supermarket’s, Are They Really Super ?’ my dislike for supermarkets. One of the major issues for me though is the shear amount of waste that is produce unnecessarily by them. This comes in the form of packaging, which to be honest we don’t really need, do we? We all know that plastic is harmful and the types used in food wrapping generally can’t be easily recycled. The main reason for the packaging is to advertise and draw you to the products, so is kind of pointless.

From the sustainability front I’ve always wondered on an alternative and why supermarkets have not moved towards this. I know it’s not the supermarkets that dictate the packaging of products, but they could influence the change if they decided too. So when I came across this video from Next World TV I just had to post it.

It’s such a simple idea that I can’t belive it’s not common place already. This is definitely a system which I hope takes over and becomes the norm. Personally I think the shelves at home look nicer when its just clear jars and you can seen the produce inside, i’m forever keeping jar and tubs to store my food in. Another advantage is you can buy just what you need! This again reduces waste on another level, as you are less likely to buy too much just because the package comes in that size. It is also kind of a novelty to fill your own tub out of a dispenser, maybe thats just me but I really quite enjoy the process!

This is such a simple and logical idea and could really revolutionise the way we shop for food. I really hope this takes of and all credit to the girls for doing it. I wish them the best of luck and home to see it on English shores very soon.



One response to “A revolutionary move in the way we shop, yet so simple…

  1. This is the kind of innovative, out of the box (literally) thinking we need to move us away from mass consumerism. Seeing food through clear containers will have a profound effect on processed foods as people will be far less willing to buy food “products” but will seek out food that actually looks like food.

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