Listening to the rainforest

This is a brilliant scheme and I fully support it !!!

Not only does it protect and potentially save the rainforest, but it provides the tranquil sounds of the rainforest to you phone. This must be supported and could prove to be available tool in saving our worlds forest! Please check out the website

Rainforest connection!

The potential to expand this scheme is also great, using it to highlight the point showing exactly how much illegal logging it going on. Let really hope it takes off and gets the funding it needs.

Make Wealth History

A few months ago I wrote about how satellite data is being used to keep an eye on the world’s forests, and identify illegal logging. Global Forest Watch is a great project, but it can only display the results of logging once it’s too late. The trees have already been cut down. Rainforest Connection is a new project that goes one better.

The project takes old smartphones and re-purposes them, weather-proofing them and fitting them out with solar panels. They are then hidden in tree tops in the forest, programmed to listen out for the sound of chainsaws. If they hear the distinctive sound of tree-felling in progress, they send an alert. Rangers can immediately respond.

rainforest connection

When the project was piloted in Indonesia, rangers were able to get to an illegal logging site fast enough to catch the poachers in the act. Further demonstration projects are planned, one in…

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