World Elephant Day 2014… !

When I heard it was world Elephant day I thought I had to do something to mark it!

Elephant are my favourite animal, I have been fortunate enough to see both the African and Indian Elephants free and in their own habitat . They are an incredible and majestic animal, looking in their eye you feel the knowledge and understanding they have.

We can learn a lot from their behaviour and community orientated living. It so important we don’t destroy them and in turn the whole ecosystem!

There are many organisations out there trying to protect and saving the Elephants one I support is ‘Space For Giants (there are many more).

So here is my contribution to all those wondering Elephants out there:

World Elephant day (c) mjh333

World Elephant day (c) mjh333

Please take a moment to search and read a little about these majestic animals today! With a little understanding and coming together we can help Elephants to live side by side with humans!


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