Mission Ocean… Urgent!!!

Our oceans are like the blood of the earth, if they become too contaminated, virus spread into the organs and the body closes down. Our oceans are suffocating slowly!

Without our oceans in working order everything simply will cease to exist! 

Lets save our seas before they collapse !!!

“The resources and freedoms of the high seas are being exploited at the expense of us all – and especially at the expense of the poorest in society. I believe strong ocean governance is critical for a more equitable and just world.” We must act to save them now before it’s too late to go back!

Please join Mission Ocean and sign our petition to protect the high seas and restore ocean health.

“…Without the enforcement of strong laws to protect a living ocean, a minority will continue to abuse the freedom of the high seas”

If  we don’t act to save our oceans then there will be no reason to save anything, they are the life line for our whole planet and their suffocating right before our eyes!

For more information and to sign the petition please go to:


Sign today before it’s too late ….!


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