Europe want an oil baron for climate minister…

When I received this email from ‘Avaaz‘ I have to admit I was shocked. Having a Oil baron as the climate minister…?  What next Tony Blair as peace minster! This clearly is a crazy plan that will end (as most things do at the moment) in the corporations getting power over everything. If Arias Canete gets this post he cannot be trusted to do anything to protect the environment or reduce climate damage.

After last weeks climate marches this will be ten steps backwards for Europe and must be stopped! This is clearly a case of the European court bowing to pressure from the oil companies, and will destroy any hopes of a greener Europe. People in these positions should not have any other interests, otherwise they just cannot be trusted to perform within their role! This is a long standing issue and until politicians are banded from being investors in private companies we will never have a democracy, lets start where we mean to go on, Arias must not be allow in!

Arias Cañete Oil Baron/Climate minster (C) Avaaz

Arias Cañete Oil Baron/Climate minster (C) Avaaz

In 24 hours a Spanish oil ‘baron’ could be chosen as our European Commissioner on Climate. And only we can stop this shocking appointment!

It would be absurd to leave the leadership of Europe’s energy policy and global climate talks to a man who The Sunday Times has named “Señor Petrolhead”. But MEPs can reject the appointment and while some are threatening to accept him in return for political favours, with enough public backing, progressive MEPs could lead the charge to block him.

Last week we created the largest march ever for 100% clean energy. Let’s build on that momentum now and demand a strong climate leader for this crucial post. Public outrage has pushed MEPs to reject controversial candidates at the last minute before. It’s up to us to do it again now — Sign on the right to say NO to Arias Cañete and tell everyone — our petition will be delivered directly to the MEPs.” Avaaz.

SIGN NOW and save the European court and hopes of a green future


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