Money Is Not Real…

Many people know, but are to wrapped up in the bubble to realise, that money is controlling us all. We urgently need to change our systems if we are going to live sustainably, and stop being slaves to money. Groups like  Positive Money, which I have written about before in my post ‘How to sort out the economy…’, are trying to get this message across. Until the general public realise the system we have is completely wrong, we can’t move forward into a more sustainable and equal world for everyone!

The video in question comes from Alan Watts, the British-born philosopher, writer, and speaker. He explains the illusion we have of money and how it’s controlling everything, when it need control nothing!

“The machines were supposed to liberate humanity. Instead they enslaved us. More and more useless things had to be produced and purchased, for the system to keep running… and enslaving us”

“The public has to be provided with the means of purchasing what the machines produce” he says. In our times it is known as massive, unrelenting credit card debt. The more we work just for money, and believe in paper money, the worse it is.”

So watch the video and see what you think and pass it on, enjoy:


5 responses to “Money Is Not Real…

  1. Thanks for posting this. I always enjoy any video presentation by Watts. Wish more people would reflect on his words of wisdom.

    • Yer he’s always clear and wise. Indeed I wish more people did, the world would be a better place! Thanks for reading 🙂

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