Give Frank a Break…

When I was living in Australia I signed up for many campaigns, sometimes I just can’t help myself, I see a good looking petition thats heading in the direction of Sustainability or Equality (preferably both, i’m not fussy though) and i’m there. So I am now on many email lists, of which I try, and pretty much have removed myself from. Now don’t get me wrong I support a good cause but I get so many, one I have kept is the ‘Australian Marine Conservation Society’ as I really admire and support the work they do. Which in a round about way brings to this post “Give Frank a Break…”: I was sent this email by the ‘Australian Marine Conservation Society’ and although a very serious message it really made me chuckle, I think humour can really make people pay attention. I really believe in saving our oceans as a big priority as they are the veins of our planet and if they get too polluted and damaged we are all stuffed as I said in my posts ‘Overfishing is destroying out oceans, were losing Nemo…!’ & ‘Mission Ocean… Urgent!!!‘. So watch and enjoy! Before though just a little background from them: ‘ Plastic pollution travels easily from land to sea. Once in the ocean, it slowly breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces which are eaten by animals at the bottom of our food chains. Larger pieces of plastic floating at the surface are readily mistaken for food by seabirds and turtles, while plastic bags and fishing lines can wrap around marine life and kill them. Throughout the world, around one million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals are killed every year by plastics, either entangled and strangled or choked and starved. Unlike naturally-based paper or glass, plastic never truly goes away; it just breaks down into smaller pieces. That means that every piece of plastic you and I have ever used is still around today. The vast majority of the plastics in our seas come from our urban areas, from our streets. This is a global problem, with a truly local solution!’


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