Elections and the potential to make a movement grow… it’s 2015!

I’ve not written a post since October, mainly due to working, studying and trying to run a home with the hectic joys of Christmas squeezed in for added time consumption. Now don’t get me wrong, i’m no Scrooge, Christmas was great, just not the joy it was 25 years ago. New year, well it turned out to be quite a good night actually. I hope you all had a cracking one yourselves and a very good 2015 to you! Which neatly brings us on to the subject of this post, Elections and the potential to make a movement grow… it’s 2015!  As in previous years (2013, 2014) I want to write a little post on my reflections for the previous year and projections for the present.

So are you sitting comfortably?… then I shall begin; … Ok this is about the third rewrite of this post, it’s tricky to sum up this year. On the surface things in the UK have got worse much worse! If I wrote everything, which I have been doing in previous drafts it turns this post into a long rant about societies downfall. In a basic summary our government are run by the corporations (as we know)  and the corporations want their profit and privatisation is taking over and the general public are really suffering.

Nhs not for sale

One way to describe how things are is by going back to the early 90’s when a certain game was on the PC, where you built and ran your own city (you’ll know the one if you’re the wrong side of 30). When your city was struggling you had to cut funding on the emergency service and transportation etc. Now when you cut the transportation departments funding roads started to deteriorate and people complained and moved out. I remember thinking how bad things must be to get to this level that not only you couldn’t afford to pay the emergency services and provide healthcare but you could not even keep the roads functioning, I thought it was a bit unrealistic that things would get so bad that roads started crumbling, but that reality is here, I was wrong. I mean in many of our cities today the roads are a disgrace, and as a person who cycles I know! I often have to weave around a monster pot hole to save my wheels from buckling, even when in a car you sometimes feel the crunch of your suspension dropping into a hole and thats just the surface of the problems.

Avoiding 'Pot holes'

Avoiding ‘Pot holes’ (c) Bikes.org.uk

I have contact with councillors and some of the red tape they have to go through to even get something looked at is astounding. At a meeting recently it was basically said that a group ‘Economic Development or Growth’ something or rather decided what they wanted for a city, told the government and then the council were basically forced to comply. This results in a projection of housing needs, proven to be highly over estimated having to be fulfilled resulting in property developers going to the council and saying we need houses, we want to build here, do it! How? Why? Who the hell is on this board? You ask… really! … of course it our friendly corporation bosses and local businessmen (to think of a polite name) who else! So even the local councils don’t really have a chance against the fat cats so were all knee-deep in sticky, smelly corruption!

Thumbs up

So are there positives this seems all very negative! Yes is the short answer! People are seeing this corruption and talking about it, even some of the media is openly calling it corruption and exposing it. The movement is growing, it’s taking it’s sweet time but it’s growing. I continually see and hear of people doing amazing things and developing fantastic schemes and changing the world in their own way! More and more people I speak to are commenting on the greed and unsustainable living we are forced into. People want change, we just need to come together and make it happen! With the elections coming up this is the perfect opportunity. In past year people haven’t voted or had voted tactically, this needs to stop, everyone must vote and vote with their beliefs or were going to end with the same corruption.

There are people with a following joining the movement and promoting it, which is great! People such as Russell Brand who has a great philosophy in general, although I have to say I disagree with his campaign not to vote. Don’t get me wrong I fully support his ethic and no one is ever going to agree on every single point and we need to connect on the ones we do. This not voting idea would be great if it had a chance of working, but it would unfortunately mean that only the elite would vote and win again! What we should be doing is encouraging people to vote for parties that promote equality and sustainability (and there are some, mentioning no names… Green… oops). In my opinion if you don’t vote you can’t really say the system doesn’t work, I know it’s unfair and not representative but if we concentrate our energies on increasing votes for those who want to change it we might have more success!

If we have a few people with their foot in the door the can a least hold it open for the masses! 

The power is shifting and the corporations know it, the movement is growing the the 99% are finding their voice! 

Have a great 2015 !!!


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