Their dying from the cold !!!

Today I woke up cold… But I was able to put the heating on! 
Admittedly I have to think about when I turn on the heating to keep the cost of the bills down. I however am lucky, I have two jobs with a third in the pipeline, all be it a ‘Zero hour contract’ and below living wage, but beggars can’t be choosers . But our older generation who can’t work, with their pension and income being cut like butter can’t afford to adapt to these massive bills. I’m in my thirties and have a constant worry about rising bills and low income, Thankfully I have a supportive network around me and the ability to earn money pensioners don’t! If they don’t pay the bills they die and they do every SEVEN MINUTES! We need this issues address! We need out homes better insulated! Help these people our, wise elders! 
AVAAZ are doing just that… join me and them, get our future government to help the people not the energy companies pockets!

Dying from the cold… Is this right? (c) Avaaz

From AVAAZ – “Every seven minutes an elderly person dies because they live in a home that just can’t keep the heat in. These aren’t lazy people who can’t be bothered to ‘put a jumper on’. These are poor pensioners in homes so cold that some spent Christmas Day in bed. But we can draw a line in the sand at the end of this winter and put an end to cold home deaths.

We have one of the worst housing stocks in Europe — our homes are so poorly insulated that they are leaking heat into the sky! But with the general election just around the corner we can finally get all major parties to commit to solving this cold homes crisis by increasing the energy efficiency of low-income homes.

None of the political parties will make spending commitments unless they are sure the public want it. When enough of us sign, we will take out ads across Westminster to make sure no MP misses our call to end the cold homes crisis.”


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