Philip Morris is suing Uruguay!!!

Today I am passing on a petition to you, sent to me from Avaas. I’ve written a post about them previously Avaaz – The World in Action’ with over 41 million members, that’s a strong voice I’d say. Anyway back to the point:

Phillip Morris, the tabacco giants are suing Uruguay, yes that’s right a company suing a country! It sounds completely crazy that this is even allowed, they must have some good reason you might argue! But no Uruguay is just trying to protects its people and frankly bringing the same laws as many other counties. We have very similar laws here in the UK, people took a while to get used to it, but accepted it’s now and the tabacco giant still rake in obscene profits.

Phillip Morris suing Uruguay

This is so wrong on many accounts, firstly a company suing a country, if this is allowed then where will this take modern society. We can not allow companies power over governments (or more power should i say?), there are routes to follow to raise issues but taking a government to court in the name of profit-making is so wrong. Secondly this is Phillip Morris picking on a small and relatively powerless country, many countries have similar laws yet the don’t dare start with them. It’s a case of corporate giants flexing they’re muscles on the weak and venerable to line they’re pockets with money with a complete disregard for health and the common good. The people at Philip Morris should be ashamed with themselves, it’s obvious their clearly not, their just blinkered by profit and it’s sad for them I feel for them I really do!

People will still smoke, just like they do in other countries with similar laws! People know it’s very bad for you and they should have the choice don’t get me wrong. But the temptation and glossy coating need to be taken away to discourage young and vulnerable people taking up smoking. You can’t stop people smoking but you and try to show them it’s bad and stop the encouragement of young people taking it up. Here in the UK the laws has helped many people give up, that can’t be bad.

I’m sure one day smoking will be a thing of the past and the fat cats will sell us something else in order to fill their pockets. Until then we should do the best we can to protect those who don’t smoke and allow those who do the freedom to decide themselves.

PLEASE sign not only for the people but to show corporations we won’t be pushed around by them !!!



4 responses to “Philip Morris is suing Uruguay!!!

  1. Signed the petition. There is a serious problem with ‘corporate nations’ and the trade agreements that give them too much power.

    That is why people are against the investor-state dispute settlement process included in the TPP. It undermines the sovereignty of nations.

    Nations must be allowed to evolve, and make new laws that protect workers and/or the environment – or else we will backslide to the dark ages.

    Multinational corporations need to adapt to requirements for the sustainability of society and the Earth. Not the other way around. No more.

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