What Will The Green Party Do?

So the elections are drawing nearer will the media in this country controlled by the man who is infected with greed ‘Mr Murdoch’, the smaller parties are not getting a say. If they do it’s often backed up with some slander or just a blatant lies. We did have the election TV debates some better than others but with selected questions. It just seems that the people are been diverted from the truth!

(c) 38Degrees

 I’m all for everyone have their own choice and the own views, but when people are not even given the proper and true information it angers me. I have sourced my own information and through the world of blogs and groups like  ‘38Degrees‘ (an amazing organisation), I have opened my knowledge base and seen what our government have done to destroy equality and sustainability, and it saddens me when you tell people (and people close to me) things and they laugh and say it’s all conspiracy they’d never get away with that!!! They do though, and now were in a right mess. So when a good honest bit of information comes along I just have to share it, I not going to hide the fact I agree with most of ‘Green Party’s’ ideas and the fact that if more people where told these ideas they would too. So here a nice little piece organised by ‘38Degrees‘ doing just that, please watch and make your own opinion, even if you don’t agree open your mind and allow the consideration. I know a lot of you are not from the UK but hey it’s a massive issues here …


Thanks and vote for what you believe in, but don’t waste you voice!


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