Which school would you send your child too…?

In a week when hopeful parents were either over the moon or crushed by their local authorities decision on the school choice for the children, I thought it a good chance to write about about the UK’s education system!

Thankfully our school choice was a success, getting the first choice of a smaller and as I see it ‘Steiner‘ without the £1500 a term price tag definitely not in the budget by any means.

My personal belief is that our education system has become a competition between schools to see who can get the most ‘A*’ and not actually about educating the children, a ‘parrot learning system’ where you are told what to say in the exams. I have often though we need a better approach a more practical and visual one, I certainly would have benefited from this being dyslexic. I was just moved to lower groups told I would never do well, obviously I not going to get them their high grade requirements. Lucky for me my parents funded private tuition and I passed my G.C.S.E’s and A’levels and even got into university (up yours to those teachers who thought otherwise). Admittedly I did not finish the university course, but this was mainly due to finances and the fact I was actually quite bored with the course. I think again this relates to our non practical approach to education hindering children to show their true potential and identify their speciality. Thankfully about fifteen years down the line and am again back at univerity studying Occupational therapy and loving it, if only I could have been helped with this decision all thoses years ago….!

So studying Occupational therapy I am always looking at ways to assist people and systems that could improve quality of peoples learning or functioning. Which brings me on the the main point, Finland!

I have read about the Scandinavian ways of doing things and the higher level of equality over there and I admire it greatly. When I was sent the video I am about to post it came as no surprise to me. It shows how the Finish approach to education differs so considerably to our regimented system, in fact it’s not to too far from the ‘Steiner‘ approach. With all teachers having a masters in their subject and the relaxed and practical approach it’s no surprise they have the best education results on this planet.

So a question to our want to be leaders “Why not adopt this approach, and stop this insufficient parrot learning you currently adopt?”

If I have the choice I know which school I would send my child to……

Enjoy (the link is to part one but the other 3 parts are easy to find) !!!


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