I know that you will have seen the recent news about the Nepalese earthquakes, the devastation that has been incomprehensible. The news reports are unsurprising is not correct and it appears many many more have died than is being reported, why this is I don’t know why this would be but it’s not important at the moment. I have a friend in Nepal who have been running a NGO ‘The Love Company World’ on his own for many years out there (and India), helping children through school and widowed families.

With a few friends he has now taken on the important task of helping these devastated villages in the mountains and remotest parts of Nepal where the global rescue efforts have not yet reached. The problem is the logistics of getting aid through customs (for some reason this is a priority with the government in Nepal) and when it finally does the majority is going to the main towns, which are easier too. Baba Jay and his friends are venturing into these remote villages with tarps, rice, water, mattresses and smiles. They are giving the locals valuable supplies and at the same time spreading smiles, love and music raising the mood and diverting the attention to smiles and dance, this is as important as the food aid love and smiles aid, keeping the spirits of the locals alive in their moment of crisis!

Now i’m not normally one to ask for donations, as I know in this day and age money is tight and often people feel pressurised and bad that they can’t donate. But I ask you to think about it this time as you could save lives, this money goes direct to the source theres not middle man, no CEO and corporation to pay but if you can’t do not feel bad, you can help just as much by sharing this information with others and helping where it matters.

Here are a couple of videos of the work being done and where the donations will go:

Also to see updates and a little bit about Baba jay here is his Facebook link


Thank you and please don’t feel bad all you can do is all you can do,

Together we can make a difference to their lives!


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