When did democracy get voted out…?

As many of you probably know the result of the UK’s general election was Conservative winning by a majority, the fact they only got 37% of the vote and if you count all the people who did’t vote too that equates to 26% of the population voted for them! In my eyes that is not an majority, in fact anything but. I would not be so bitter if the voting system was fair, but the first past the post system is not, just to show the fairness of this system take a look at the image below

Voters per MP (c) Electoral Reform Society

Voters per MP (credit Electoral Reform Society)

The whole nation is in shock, but how has this come about?, You may ask. Lies and deceit have won this election, we had the normal ‘working for the country’ lies, but the lies about deficit! The deficit has been pumped around like a massive issues when really it’s not, yes the Tory’s have reduced the deficit but increased the debt, in fact they’ve not only increased it they’ve doubled it. Not that debt is a real problem (see my post How to sort out the economy… or Money Is Not Real..), but this was falsely made out to be a massive issue, scaring people into wanting to clear the debt. On top of this an apparent letters sent from a group of small business congratulating the Tory’s for helping them succeeded, which a few day before the election came out as made up! That even before you get on to Murdoch and is blatant derogatory and quite frankly racist news reporting! His false press has given conservative a helping hand in there unjust formation of government. This has resulted in massive campaign for Electoral Reform and mainly a demand for proportional representation, with nearly 500,000 signatures handed in by leaders of most of the smaller parties agreeing on the fact our system is out of date and undemocratic! The implementations of this are astronomical, already the Tory’s are talking about scrapping the ‘Human Right Act’, not all parts, but they what to rebrand it ‘British Act of Rights’ or something basically they want to increasing snooping. limit privacy, stop demonstrations and have even more powers to arrest and not be acountable, as far as I can tell. It’s now been a week or two since the election and already the reality is showing through, we have the confirmed news they want to scrap the ‘Human Rights Act’. It’s seems to allow more snooping laws, of course in the off protection against terrorists. Theres a hidden agenda here I’m sure, mainly silencing the people and stopping our freedom to speak out.. Not only are they scrapping rights but also cutting funding left right and centre, the latest is wind farms and renewable energy this infuriates me. I mean in an age when we should be moving towards renewable and the bloody government is cutting funding and subsidies. On top of this they want to bring in TTIP (another post due on that one), allow GMO foods, I meant it’s just like leaping back.. no it’s somersaulting back. The want to repel the ‘Fox hunting ban’ also just a barbaric act of chasing down defenceless animals and ripping them apart, much like they seem to want to to to the poor of the UK. So as you obviously can see they deserve a pay rise that they have put through after just a few days into power,  the cheek of it just boggles the mind.

I have been trying to write this past for a few days, but the words just are not coming as I would like. This is mainly due to my inability to comprehend the naivety, no no that’s unfair… the unawareness of some people I should say. But in the circles I read I find this information and happily share it with others who might not necessarily have access to it, and people are listen more than ever, which is amazing and fills me with faith. I think people are going to realise the implications of having this Conservative government in full power without Liberal Democrats to pull them back, sorry to Nick Clegg (Lib den leader) we put you down!

More and more people are beginning to questioning the government and their priorities and finding the systems in place to disagree and stand up. There have been numerous protests since the election, some big (a few thousand people), but surprise surprise there was a media blackout, but they can not silence the majority. There are lots more cuts and shocking relations to come, too many to fit into this post, and if I did write them all that would limit my resource for good posts late (so best not).

People from all walks of life need to bury their differences and come together now!

They need to bring democracy back to UK (and indeed the world)!

We need sustainability and equality in this world!

I will not stop campaigning until we have it, may take a while don’t get me wrong bit it will come! 

I belive in democracy and I believe in the human species sometimes we have to have it right in front of us before we act, well people it’s here, it’s in front of you, IT’S TIME TO ACT !!!


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