The 30 year sweatshirt

Great I just love this, today things are made so cheaply and designed to fall apart, within such a short period of time. My oldest item is a Airwalk jumper it must be pushing nearly 20 years. It’s still warm and it’s been round the globe with the stains and holes to prove it, but it’s just about still holding it’s purpose of keeping me warm. But is no longer the smartest item of clothing I own, in it’s old days it become more of a lounge ware item. Imagine if it had been guaranteed for 30 years !!!

Watch the Kickstarter for the 30 Year Sweatshirt, it’s amazing and long overdue idea thanks for sharing …

The Earthbound Report

The oldest item of clothing in my wardrobe that I still wear is a German Army surplus shirt that I bought in the early 90s. You know the type – it’s an army surplus staple beloved of grunge kids and outdoor types. I presume it has something to do with the country’s compulsory military service of the time and a high turnover of personnel, but to this day military surplus shops the world over are stuffed with drab olive shirts with a little German flag.

It’s not an elegant item of clothing. It was scruffy and secondhand when I bought it and it’s no better now, but it is still going. It’s been my hiking, camping and gardening shirt, so it’s taken more abuse than any other item of clothing, but it appears to be more or less indestructible.

That’s what you’d expect from clothing made for the military, but…

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4 responses to “The 30 year sweatshirt

  1. I have really enjoyed reading your blog. I like to hear from other people who are like minded on looking and experimenting ways that they can impact the world. Wearing clothing until it wears out is something that I can totally relate to in my life as well. I am an avid second hand shopper from clothing, furniture,housewears. I am tired of this disposable world we live in today.

    • Thanks and great to hear. Yes and lots of mine are wearing out especially trousers, I am turning them onto cloths. I might become over run with cloths and have to rethink but I’m doing OK so far. I hope you continue to enjoy my writings. Thanks for your kind word 🙂

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