Mushrooms, Bees and Cancer

All I can say about this is it outstanding, incredible and wow!

Paul Stamets deserves the highest of accolades for his work!

I believe nature has a cure for everything it’s our saviour. Unfortunately we trust in the pharmaceutical companies too much, yes they help but they help for profit  it’s a sad thing, but that is the reality. The can’t patent mushrooms so won’t produce them as a drug as there is no profit in it for them. It’s about time we went back to our roots and looked around us before we kill everything off that could actually save us. Thank you Paul Stamets.

The Most Revolutionary Act

Paul Stamets – How Mushrooms Can Save Bees & Our Food Supply

Bioneers (2014)

Paul Stamets is a mycologist who studies the complex role played by the vast network of fungal mycelium that underlies all natural forests and grassland. As many organic gardeners are learning, deforestation and plowing, herbicides and pesticides associated with industrial agriculture are killing this mycelium. It’s in this way that important antibacterial (most antibiotics are derived from fungi) and antiviral properties are lost that are vital to both the plant and animal kingdom

Stamets first became interested in the role of fungi in bee health when he saw honeybees sucking the mycelium out of wood chips on his farm. Through subsequent research, he would learn that specific fungi contain compounds that suppress the virus carried by veroa mites – implicated in colony collapse syndrome. The same antiviral fungi are also play a role in protecting animals…

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4 responses to “Mushrooms, Bees and Cancer

  1. Thanks for reblogging. People can order turkey tail mushroom capsules (comparable to what NIH used in their research) from various online herbalists.

  2. I’ve read articles and watched videos about/by Stamets and found it all totally fascinating and inspiring. I, too, believe Mother Nature has provided us a cure for just about anything, but we have gotten away from that way of thinking/living. At least things are starting to change a little now in that regard.

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