Money and Banks… Their all a scam!

So with the budget recently exposed, is that the right word? forced, unleashed, yes thats the word to use. So George Osborne unleashed his new budget on us and nothing has really change yes he raised the minimum wage (£7.20 is not the living wage) but cut all sorts of benefits and taxes which cancel out any benefit of that raise. Ofcourse the budget was for his friends or puppeteers should I say, with reduction to corporation tax and no clear sign of stopping tax loopholes.

Yet people out there are still not getting the message that our money system and the whole globes is completely fake and in fact criminal and making only the bankers rich. I have talk about this previously in ‘Money Is Not Real…’, ‘How to sort out the economy…’,

With things really hotting up on this issue within certain groups and the need to break through the mass media’s smoke screen I have shared a few videos I found floating around today.

First is a Keiser Report, Ben Dyson from Positive Money is explaining the money system from 12:40;

or a good explanation by Martin Wolf the chief economics commentator at the Financial Times and journalist;

And the last one is from the British parliament and the first debate on money creation in 170 years. They obvious could not care less (the lack of people in the house) for obvious reasons (their controlled by the money creators). I know it’s two hours long but you only need to watch the first couple of minutes to see how farcical the whole system is, as describe by a Tory so it must be bad!

Together we can change the system but it must be done now before it’s too late!


2 responses to “Money and Banks… Their all a scam!

  1. One of my friends got up at 2 am in the morning to watch the Money Creation and Society debate in real time. It’s a pity so few MPs attended, but it was great to get the issue on the official agenda.

    • Wow thats dedication to the cause. Yes the ball is rolling. And with this Greek (don’t what to call it) happening Positive Money has been getting some media attention (not main stream) which is great too.

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