Amazing camping stove…

Just a quick post to share with you this amazing camping stove, the “BioLite Camp Stove. Currently as you know I am looking at ideas or products that are sustainable and would enable a life off grid (who’s know we might all need this knowledge soon the way things are going!). During this little mission, I am currently looking at camping gear and mainly solar equipment for a camping trip. I want to get into the spirit of off the grid living too but doing via a few little trips first, plus I have to finish my course first so I can earn living and have a chance of achieving my dream of setting up a sustainable and holistic Care home (long term jam plan and to be discussed in a post way ahead from now), anyway I going of on a tangent. Basically I came across the  BioLite Camp Stove”, what an invention by BioLite, a small group of innovative people looking for more sustainable earth, right up my street. Take a look at the demo video:

I am already saving up the pennies and will be buying one as soon as I can. There are a number of retailers selling it, but the cheapest I found (in the UK) was OutBack Trading in Cornwall.

Enjoy guys and get saving in every sense


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