ReGreening The Desert….

I came across this little post which I thought was very positive. I have been looking at permaculture recently, mainly in an effort to produce sustainable produce in my back yard. And to find way to out do the army of slugs that invade my garden on a nightly basis, which thankfully has been greatly reduced with the introduction of mint (and the dregs of mint tea and leafs).

The video is about introducing permaculture in the Jordanian desert and the results are incredible to say the least. Geoff Lawton basically turns desert into productive land which produces crops when the rest of Jordan can not, now thats clearly a sign he is doing something very right. Obviously from this I can safely conclude permaculture is the way forward and telling I have got a lot of learning too on the subject. I just don’t understand why this is not common practice across the globe (well I do, but that anther story), people really need to wake up and change their though process and farming process. Permaculture it the way forward especially with global warming on the increase.

Geoff Lawton (the educator in this film) is doing an amazing job of education people, and I know there are a lot more like him, but if humans are going to live sustainably we all need to jump on this band wagon and fast.

Enjoy …


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