Pets for Vets, an intervention for both sides…

This little video come not so much from my Sustainability or even my Equality side, but from the OT in me. I have always loved animals and even before studying as an OT it was clear to me the human benefit of a connection with them. Connection with an animal is something you can’t get from another human, to me it’s like crossing a boundary of communication. A communication on a more spiritual level without words or normal dialog, just a subconscious understanding of two beings.

So when I saw this video it was clear to my even before the end the benefits, but to see the emotion of Blade and DD just lifts you, it also nearly brought a tear to my eye I must admit. As a OT who believes in natural and more holistic interventions this speaks volumes to my learning and my whole ethics towards career, you have to have the evidence in this world before you are taken seriously and here it is. I am so please that people are creating this type of program to help those in desperate need who would not get it otherwise. So to me the promotion of it is paramount to it success and also the lives of the people they save!

Thank you 🙂


2 responses to “Pets for Vets, an intervention for both sides…

  1. Another benefit of owning dogs and other pets is that people instantly begin sharing bacteria with them. According to researchers, this increases the diversity of their intestinal bacteria and people with the most diverse collection are healthiest.

    In Amish communities, children are sent out to look after farm animals at age 4 to 5. This greatly increases the diversity of their intestinal bacteria – as a result they almost never develop allergies or asthma.

    • Didn’t know that , it makes perfect sense though. I always thought though that kids should have more interaction with germs people are far to paranoid about them these days, creating less immunity and in turn more illness.

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