Moving to the country would be my option…

With current news talking of the inevitable economic crash dominating certain media sources (i.e. not the mass media), I have myself considered the idea of moving away from the UK. Unfortunately unlike Chris Matenson I don’t have the cash to purchase land and set up a sustainable lifestyle. I would love to if I could, to the extent I have even identified a plot of land I would like to purchase for the venture. I will just have to do what I can where I am though, I hope my planning and information gained through reading of blogs and non-mass media have prepared me enough. To be honest regardless of an economic crash I would love to set up a sustainable farm/community if I could.

But Chris’s story is not wasted, his story empowers us and shows us it can be done, with a little work. I have definitely taken a lot from this video and hope you will too. It has boosted my determination to create that kind of lifestyle for myself and family. I for one will be taking his advice and sharing it with you along with my other findings on sustainable living.

A quote from Chris Martenson “Money is not a comprehensive descriptor of wealth. Your deepest wealth lies in the strength and resiliency of your community.”



2 responses to “Moving to the country would be my option…

  1. For people without access to land, collectively managed urban gardens on vacant public spaces is the next best option. This is what the poor of Detroit have been doing:

    At present, I’m involved in a project here in New Plymouth in which we’re identifying public land – verges, meridian strips, etc – where we can plant food. We already have community orchards on several reserves and we’re planning to plant more.

  2. Wow looks great, just the sorting of thing I visualise. Our local mayor ( a green) is keen for this sort of thing but needs people to set it up unfortunately I just don’t have the time (I would love to). It’s a mission to get the ball rolling but I am pushing and hope my efforts will be rewarded. I was part of a great community garden in Australia, it just seem the UK is unwilling to embrace this on a large scale. Our media are feeding a sense of everyone for themselves and I really don’t like it.

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