Co-Housing or an Eco Village… Is it a move forward?

I have often pondered with idea of community living and Eco Villages, I have to be honest the appeal of Co-housing does not appear to grasp me. I left my years of student housing years ago and the idea of Co-Housing strikes similarities to this for me, I know people would be older and wiser with all the trimmings, but I am one that likes my quiet time. And yes even the odd time I like to wonder around in inappropriate attire, as in boxers not women clothes or anything like that, not that there is anything wrong with people who do that sort of thing.

Anyway this video shows a bit of both but mainly eco villages and while I like this idea I am not keen on how it is executed in this example. The village design means people actually have to purchase the house, like a real mortgage which to me spoils the sustainability aspect as well as the ethos of it! Thats my thought anyway, I mean their actually doing it and i’m still wrapped up in the economic world of capitalism (but with an aim to escape when I can).

Watching this did get me investigating this idea and I found the second video, now thats the kinda of house I want to living and make to me thats how Eco villages should be. Looking at the Living in the Future website I then found a Welsh Eco village that seemed to run a better system called Lammas.

I feel that Co-Housing is not the move for the future for me as people need their space, a communal building in a village should present to provide the community element, this way around it gives the residents the option. So in a round a bout round up Eco village are the way forward for me. I would love to move into one like Lammas or even set one up with some like mined people, I just have to overcome the financial problem which enforces a strange kind of irony that you have to have money to leave the system. Anyway it’s something to save and work towards and mark my words it will happen one way or another 🙂


9 responses to “Co-Housing or an Eco Village… Is it a move forward?

  1. I’ve seen some Eco Villages and co-housing communities that I liked. For me, they offer a nice balance of individual living spaces with communal activities and spaces. But as you mentioned, those well-designed projects require more capital. A quandary!

    • Yer I think if there is a balance of community space and personal space (like in the second video), it would be a perfect set up for me. I seen setups in the uk that everyone lives in one space which does not appeal to me, and people just get annoyed with others. The idea of having a communal space for when you want but having your own space for living is a perfect mix.

  2. The co-housing movement in Seattle (where I lived prior to moving to New Zealand) is very old. There are several co-housing trusts that date back to the 1970s.

    • Nice that sounds good but did you have your own house as it were. I have seen much better setups in the US. Here in the UK they are few and far between and expensive to join up. The Lammas sounds good but is just beyond my financial capacity, at the moment.

      • Those within the city limits were more like condominiums or cooperative apartments. Both Vashon and Bainbridge Island (in Puget Sound) have a number of eco-villages where people buy land collectively and build a number of individual units.

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