The power of listening and thinking with the heart!

Recently I have been looking at new angles and approaches to the mess we humans are in, not necessarily how to solve them but how I can personally process them to make sense of it all. An inevitable financial collapse is on the way, whether it’s this month (as some economists are saying) or the next couple of years I don’t know, but you don’t need to a genius to see it on the horizon. The question is how quickly we get there or in layman terms how long they hold it of with quantitative easing or fancy jargonistic disguises. It could collapse in another war, but then we are pretty much in world war 3 now anyway. Personally I think we could all do with a reset and go back to more natural ways, the majority of the world live in obscene luxury and it’s not needed or even beneficial come to think of it. The solution in my opinion is, as i’m you can guess is Sustainability! 

I am therefore trying to tailor my blog towards this aspect, with information on how to best move from a so called normal life to a sustainable one. This is all from my perspective as and when I discover or find new information, this recently has tended to be in the form of videos about how to make things for sustainability. Recently I have not written much about Equality, which is also essential for human survival. So at the moment their is not a lot of reflective content in my blog just raw information, not just due the fact of it being a kind of direct outlet for my personal research (which I want to share with the world) but also my minimised time caused by my degree and working my butt of on minimum wage trying to forge a living to provide for my family.

So for a little bit of Equality and something I know I could certainly benefit from! My Reiki, Mediation and Yoga (when I do it) benefit me tremendously but ’Listening & Council’ sounds great. We could all benefit from listening a little more, I know I certainly could, not for want of trying I might add, but the fact listening techniques are not understood enough. In my field of care and rehabilitation it’s essential, but listening requires awareness and participation in order to be a complete package, actually hearing something is only one aspect of listening. As I have touched on a number of occasions our ancestors had more answers than we do now in many aspects. These ancestors often sat in circle around a fire and told storying in turn passing down information, knowledge and even resolving conflicts. Compared to this technique of listening when have again lost another ability our ancestors possessed; communication! 

In this video Leon Berg does his best to reinstate it into our ethos, Enjoy:


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