Farming the oceans

With our oceans depleting of fish and nutrients people wonder (or I do anyway) why there is not a solution. A solution to get food from the ocean, do this sustainably, rebuild the damage done and create enough to supply and every growing demand. Sometimes it’s seem best just not to fish on a large scale, get people to catch their own in the good old fashioned way using small boat and a rod. I would quite enjoy this but lets be fair this is not everyone’s forte, mine included and there would be bound to be some sort of arguments of fishing wars of some sort.

So when I saw this solution on ‘Making Wealth History’ I just had to share it, it sounds like an amazing idea. For sure it needs to be implemented as soon as possible. Currently we have massive ships fishing day and night not only depleting the fish stocks but ripping apart the sea bed, it’s got to stop! Enough is enough, everything is become mass produced and industrialised and just like the industrial revolution the industrialisation of food is ending, we hope, but with initiative thinking like this I can see the light!

We need to spread ideas like this that can bring about sustainability, then we can stand up in numbers to implement it. Our government is not going to embrace this kind of thing, their interest is not in sustainability.

Make Wealth History

As the world population grows, and as people are lifted out of poverty and start to enjoy a healthier diet, the world is going to need more food. At the same time, soil depletion, climate change and unsustainable water use are making food production more challenging.

There’s no magic solution to increasing the amount of food the world can produce, but lots of promising avenues to explore. Solutions include making better use of what we already have by reducing food waste and choosing less meat, to new techniques such as urban intensive agriculture or precision farming.

Among the more unusual suggestions is ocean farming. By farming the seas, you can circumvent pressure on land and freshwater altogether.

Greenwave is a pioneering company that has researched techniques to farm the entire water column, making small scale but highly productive sea farms. They claim that their model can provide 20 tonnes of…

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8 responses to “Farming the oceans

    • Well thats not too bad an option. When in Africa I have a few insect and to be honest they were not too bad, but i’d rather fish if I had a choice 🙂

      • My biggest problem with insects is that they’re really hard to catch. Snails are much easier. Gordon Ramsay even has a recipe for preparing garden snails.

      • Yep i’ve tried snail not too bad. Although I am veggie now so would have to change my ways. But where theres a will theres a way 🙂

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